sorry for beimg me

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

Everything I do means nothing huh.. I'm just a mess.. Doesn't matter no more.. Don't even try to deny it cause its true.. No matter what I do.. I'm all just a disappointment to you.. I can't do anything right.. And not only that every time Im happy you just have to make to take me away from it and turn around and ask why I'm so sad.. Well look in the dam mirror.. Youre the reason.. You say you feel like no one loves you no more.. Well welcome to my every day life.. All those times I tried to get close to you.. I tried to have one of the close relationship with you..where we can always be together.. Tell each other everything.. But I guess that's not us.. You would pushed me away.. So I stop trying.. And you should stop trying too.. Cause you know what.. you lost me.. And now it mostly to late.. You've hurt me to much.. Youve brought tears to my eyes so many time.. I've sat around and watch you give love to every one else.. Quietly waiting for my turn.. But it never came.. And now that you realized that I'm not waiting no more.. you try to look for me.. But I'm gone.. And next time you see me I will be in a better place.. And don't dare say you help me.. Cause I've had to figure out so much shit on my own.. But whatever imma still say thanks




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