still remember

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

I still remember..
Remember everyday that I waited for you to wake up..
All those times I woke up and wish it didn't happen..
All those nights I went to bed crying..
And more night of tears yet to come..
Hoping that it was all a dream..
But its not..
Its the truth that I have to face everyday..
It breaks my heart every time I think bout it..
Why did you leave me..
Why didn't you at least give me time..
If I've known I would have told you I loved you more..
I would have been around more..
I would have called..
Show you how much I truly loved you..
But now its to late..
I lay in bed..
Tears filling my eyes..
Just thinking to the point that my heart hurts so much and I can't take it no more..
I still can't believe it..
I don't wanna believe it..
But the image of you just laying there..
So pale and breathless..
Is implanted into my head..
And I can't get it out..
I just can't..
It hurts..
I wish you where here to tell me its alright..
That it didn't happen..
That I just woke up from a nightmare..
And you where here..
But I know its not gonna happen..
That I can't see you no more..
That I can't talk to you no more..
That I can't feel your welcoming hugs no more..
I miss you so much..
Pleaseeee I'm sorry..
For not telling you all this before it happened..
I love you..
I hope your happy where you are..
And that you hear how much I love you..
I hope one day this pain stops.. 
But it won't because you'll always be in my heart...




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