poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

You call me an idiot.. 
For turning back to someone I love..
I get it..
We have ups and downs..
We go through thick and thin..
We each have our problems..
But know what.. 
But No matter what its impossible for me to stop loving him..
The way he makes me feel is like no other feeling ever..
He makes me smile like no one ever could..
Have you seen the difference in my eyes..
Feels like the darkness is finally leaving..
And my demons stop fighting..
Like he taimed them..
Those promises I thought I could never make.. I made.. With him..
I told him I was afraid to let him in my mind..
To let him see how I truly am..
And he eventually entered and I couldn't stop him..
I didn't even want to stop him..
He makes my days better with a smile or even just a single word..
Not only is he my moon..
He's all the starts..
And the sun..
He's just my whole word..
I know this sounds cheesy and girly..
But I guess that what loves does to you..
It makes you feel like you never felt before..
It feel impossible to explain what live is..
But when im with him..
I don't need to explain it..
Cause its all I feel..
The way he talks..
The way he holds me..
The way he is..
How he acts..
The way he smiles..
The way he laughs..
His personality..
His eyes..
His heart..
Just him..
Makes my heart pound against my chest..
Those moments I thought my heart would never beat again..
Seemed like they never happened..
With the way he makes my heart beat now..
I love him..
And only him...




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