youre not alone

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

You're never truly lost or alone.. 
Youre just to scared to open your eyes and realize what's around you..
You Don't have to be scared.. 
You dont have to let your thoughts consume you..
Truth is.. It is gonna be alright.. 
No matter how many times I tell you.. You probably don't believe me.. 
But I have scars and storys..
A past full of storys to tell.. 
But no words to come out of my mouth to tell you them..
Its gonna be alright.. It might look like the sun is setting for good.. 
But day always comes no matter how long you waited in the night..
No matter how lonely.. Hurt..scared.. Lost you feel.. There's always a reason behind it.. Witch means there's a reason to help stop it..
Don't let this moment of fear stop you from.. Dreaming of all the ways to move on.. once you stop dreaming.. Youll already have the ideas to move on...




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