truth is

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

Truth is.. Ya I love you.. But your an idiot who chases clouds.. When you had a sun that could have light up your sky.. you lose people who love and care for you.. Just for some people you won't even remember their last names In 5 years.. Boy its time for you to smarten up and open your eyes.. See the tears that have fallen.. On the faces of those who love you.. Can you see them.. Or you just don't even care.. Remember all your lies.. Remember all your mistakes.. Remember your promises that you broke.. Remember those who love and care for you.. Do you even remember any of that.. Or has the liquor that makes you call at 3 in the morning looking for love when you can't even remember the next day.. Erased all your memories of the past.. Has it? seriously boy you need to open your eyes and look around you for once.. See what you have surrounding yourself with.. And those you have lost.. Before it to late and you lose yourself in the darkness.. All alone and no where to go..not knowing what to do.. I tried to help you see.. What the world that you created around you looks like.. But you pushed me away.. Even if I stood in front of you and said I love you as my last dying words..then slit a knife down the length of my wrist and lastly across my throat all because of you.. Would you cry? Would you hurt? Would it even matter at probably wouldn't even care.. You'd probably forget me like you've already have.. You need to stop acting like a foolish child.. And learn to grow up..




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