six feet under

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

okaii.. now listen up.. yall think you can get in my head.. well let me tell you something.. it might seem like a dont notice.. but oh boy you go all wrong.. i do notice.. i notice more then some people.. i see things differently.. i just choose to not say anything.. i just go along cause im use to being hurt.. but let me tell you that enough is enough.. i spent so much time as a kid trying to be notice.. just so i can get ignored or bullied.. its funny now that i dont give a shit is when yall start coming to me.. yall start telling me that aint no one is willing to lose me.. that youd be so lost without me.. but its funny that when i say goodbye ready to end my life.. crying in my bed no where else to go.. nothing else to think of but the blood im about to spill.. that yall think its a normal good bye.. that im just so happy like i am everyday 24/7..hahaaha ya i must be mental cause this is all so funny to me.. you all make me laugh so much.. lying bout feelings that you dont have..telling me lies and more lies.. its funny that you think i truly believe you.. but you dont know the fact that i stop believing what people tell me so long ago.. i aint got time for more bullshit when i already got my own.. i get every one has there problems.. but just cause i act like i aint got any dont mean yall gotta come venting to fuck.. im already dealing with the demons inside me..dont bring me yours and ask me to drown them.. when i cant even drown my fuck off.. im done..kill me off.. make me dead to you too.. i dont care no more.. i aint got no feelings inside me..only darkness that takes up my soul.. so if you wanna look for me.. go to the grave yard.. i should be there.. six feet under...




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