its alright baby

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

Its alright baby..
You're all alone were your thoughts consume you.. 
Were you can cry alone..
Feel alone..
Be alone..
Were nobody sees you..
The darkness is creeping in..
It knocks at the door.. 
As you open it pushes you and fills your thoughts..
Now it won't leave..
It became part of you..
But its alright baby..
I'm here for you..
I'll always be..
I'll tell you how to get rid of the darkness..
Before its to late..
I won't let it hurt you..
You won't become like me..
Were the darkness is a drug..
That takes over your life..
Before I leave..
I'll help you out..
But after that..
You're on your own..
I'll watch over you from the Shadow's..
Making sure you don't fall back into the darkness..
I'll be the support under the thin ice you walk on..
Its alright baby..
Its to late to get me out..
But im always gonna be here for you..
Don't worry bout me..
I'm uses to the darkness..
Its a part of me..
Everything I do..
Everything I touch..
Everything I love..
Turns dark..
But you baby..
I don't want to bring you crashing down with me..
Its alright baby..
I'll be your wall..
I'll hide you from the pain..
Its alright baby..





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