kill me now

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

Kill Me now..
Slowly or quickly..
I don't care anymore.. 
Just get rid of this pain and all these feelings..
Just make it all stop..
I can't do it anymore..
I've been up for so long..
Its time to bring me down..
Down to my grave..
Just kill me now and get it over with..
The darkness is eating me inside..
I'm not the same..
So just kill me now..
You'll be better off without me..
Its okaii just don't look back..
Once its done don't regret it..
I'll finally be happy..
So kill me now..
Don't let me live..
Take away my last breath and save yourself..
Its to late to save me..
So let me go..
Kill me now..
It's all I ask for..
Its all that's gonna make me happy..
So before you leave just kill me..
I'm done with pain..
I rather just die then suffer..
So kill me now..
Your leaving anyway.. 
So why not just kill me..
Stop lying..
I already know the truth..
I wish I didn't..
But now that I do..
I just want to die onces more..
I'm sorry if I get blood on you..
But please just kill me now..




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