here for you

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

Why do I believe your empty promises.. Your words full of lies.. The smile you hide behind.. 
People think of you as the happiest person ever.. But they don't see the depression that fulls you.. The pain that you have.. The scars that you hide..just because you rather help others then help yourself.. You stop people from hurting but you can't stop yourself..
Your eyes full of joy have turn black with the darkness that you drown in..
Can't you tell.. I see.. I notice.. All of it..ever single bit of it.. I know it all to well..cause I've been through it..and I'm still drowning.. Cause the monsters are holding my head down.. I'm trying to escape but I can't.. But I rather help you then help myself.. Cause I know its to late for me..I'll help you from drowning by giving you my last breath.. So let me help you.. Let me in.. Don't push me away..I'm here for you




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