go fuck youself

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

I know you think its all an act.
That I really care about what you say.
But I don't and I won't.
I never did and I'll never will.
So all you haters hating me for who I am.
Go fuck yourself for I care.
I don't give shit what you say or do.
So why do you care about what I do.
I'm just living life being me.
No need to fake it this is me and only me.
So go fuck yourself.
Say what you want I don't give a fuck.
Just shut your and get out my life.
You don't know me and I don't give a fuck bout you.
So what's your gain for hating me.
Is it cause I'm true for being me and your suck in your sorry fake ass self.
That you can't see.
All this hate is useless to me.
So give it up.
I won't change for any only but me.




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