poem by: Teresa Skyles
Written on May 19, 2016

                    MY LOVE MY LIFE

         I'm like a broken bird that cannot fly. 
              Everyday all I do is sit and cry.
        God give me the answer to the question why.
            Or is it a nightmare or just a lie.

     My heart is broke and I'm filled with fear.
       Kill his cancer and make it disappear.
        Our life will change if he's not here.
       So dry our eyes and take away our tears.

  He's all I've ever wanted and all I've ever had.
    I'll never smile again and I'll always be sad.
      We've had our good times and our bad.
   He has been a friend,lover,husband and a dad.

     God if prayers will make his cancer go away.
           I will drop to my knees everyday.
           Please God hear the words I say.
             Let me keep my Bunny I pray.
                 Teresa Skyles   11-Feb-12


Tags: sad, love, deep,

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Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely words
Carl Davis commented:
Very Touch by sincerity!!


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