The seeds of my life

poem by: Teresa Skyles
Written on May 19, 2016

When I was young I had only one.
He was my first born he's my son.
Life was good and everything was new.
Then my daughter came then I had two.
Everything was great for them and me.
I had another son and that made me three.
They are my life so I won't complain.
They made me happy and kept me sane.
Times were hard and some was bad.
I thank GOD for my children's dad.
Now their grown with babes of their own.
But now their always asking us for a loan.
My children are the reason I stay strong.
They've touched me with laughter,filled me with song.
I've always been MOM from the very start.
They will forever and always be in my heart.
                              Teresa Skyles
They are the stars that light my night.
I would just die if they weren't in my sight.
They are the reason I sit and write.
That's why my life stays so bright.


Tags: love, rhyme,


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