The Tiger And The Man

poem by: Dinesh Chauhan
Written on May 11, 2016

A man all alone in the forest 
moving toward the west 
walking and walking straight 
fearing for his dreadful fate 
the man heard a sound 
he turned around 
the tiger's roar
made him shout more 
he knew ,it was his last 
now he was in past 
in the early morning 
the stream was groaning 
the birds were singing 
his mobile phone was ringing 
the flies were flying 
and were crying 
the dearest one lost 
where had he been probably most 
wait wait anxious wait 
but did not know he is late .
                                                           DINESH KUMAR CHAUHAN


Tags: sad, scary, fear,

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Christopher Russon commented:
Well written.Nice one.


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