The Poor

poem by: Dinesh Chauhan
Written on May 07, 2016

A lonely poor child 
waiting for someone mild 
in this lonely street 
waiting for a moment that is sweet 
all alone hungry and tired 
seems his life is hired 
to do beggar and be poor 
but what if he does hardwork 
for that he need food a fewer 
clothes and shelter 
but there is nothing to eat 
and no one is here to feed 
nothing to wear 
all nights he has to bear 
suddenly a mircacle takes place 
he hears a phrase 
come here and have some food 
i hope i am not rude 
in his eyes tear appear 
and the sorrow disappear 
he feeds him 
and provides shelter 
due to the gentle's belief 
he enjoys relief 
he has to remove poverty 
from his nation 
his thought of unity 
results in creation 
loyality to his nation 
resulted in a mission 
which helped poor to rise
and made them wise 
for his noble deed 
spreading of peace 
he recieved noble prize 
now poverty was removed 
he achieved his goal 
now he was to die 
dead but alive 
in memory of all
                                                -DINESH KUMAR CHAUHAN


Tags: inspirational, encouraging,

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Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely words to this poem.


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