Welcome To The World

poem by: Dinesh Chauhan
Written on May 07, 2016

A warm welcome 
to this beautiful world 
you along with carry some
inspirations and be bold
think of future 
but do not worry
past can be tutor 
but do not feel sorry
participate everywhere
experience it 
until you do not dare
you will not be rare
fly high 
so far 
in the sky 
shine like a star
shine like a sun 
support justice 
excel out in every field 
be daring as a shield 
do credit others 
success, that you achieve
do not blame others 
failure that you receive 
be true to yourself 
forgive everyone
whether it is elf 
or as giant as sun
accept that's done 
live in present 
and never run 
from situations, that are recent
give respect to all
provide love for hungry
whether big or small
never show attitude or be angry
be like a star 
opt for non violence
rather than war
use weapon as silence
this world 
with a pace 
is something absurd 
running in a race
everyone in this world 
is born to create history 
some may be gold 
and some may remain mystery
some busy some lazy
some sincere some corrupted
if you become crazy 
then are disrupted. 
                                          -DINESH KUMAR CHAUHAN


Tags: inspirational, encouraging,


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