His reply to He's Music

poem by: Raychill Ellisonwonderland
Written on May 02, 2016

I wrote 'He's Music' for my Son.  This was his reply to me:

It was one to Eleven as I remember vaguely,
Born into light and handed to a most beautiful Lady,
Long hair, Skin fair, Paua/Hazel eyes,
That's when my life began, when those eyes pierced into Mine.
Being held so firmly, just you and I in the room,
I heard a sound and turned to see a dark man coming over to you.
So a triangle to me, is a very important shape,
Three points come together but takes two to create.
So this fair skinned, hair thinned, reminiscent of an Angel,
Was so easy to put together, when I heard the name RACHEL.
So Radiant, Angelic, a Caring, Honest, Elegant Lady..
First words I ever heard were,
"I'm gonna love you forever My Baby".
So from that day in '87, at one long minute to Eleven,
The softest hands cradled my head,
I also made a promise, but had'nt learnt the words, of which I would've said..
From this minute on,
Now it's Eleven,
12th August 1987,
I Will stand strong, I Will Remember this day, everything you've been through, all the prices you've paid.
You may not believe in God, or whatever his/her name,
But you can Believe in Me, For You and I are the same..
So.. Long story short..
And this is how I've felt about you...
Ever since minute ONE.!
Your Son.


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Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely poem lovely words.


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