Something less than love

poem by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Mar 22, 2016

Something  less than love

I was seven when she left us
just a little boy.
that long ago summer
when the heat
burned upon the earth
and also our passions.

she left us with the handsome
man with the big car.
since then even after all
these years I have looked
and searched for a place
to lose my sadness.

sometimes in the stillness of sleep.
I would hear the songs she
sang as I fell asleep in her comfort.
or feel her lips on my cheek.
I dreamt of her hearing 
her  almost forgotten footsteps
coming into my room.
I painted her beautiful face
until time faded it to a blurr.

Now a man no longer
a little boy
with torn jeans and. 
dirty tee shirt.
people say to me dumb things like.
She is still out there
and thinks of you everyday
with a love in her heart.

I nod in concert with the thought
I whisper sure or maybe.
but inside I know in her heart.
it's something less than love.
yes for sure
something much less than love


Tags: sad, love, wishful,

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A previous user commented:
Sometimes when we lose someone it isn't really a loss. You grieve over a mother that wasn't there. I grieve because of a mother that was there. Sadly in both cases we lose. I'm nothing like her. Maybe that was the whole idea. God bless
teresa Skyles commented:
This really touched my heart and filled my soul with sadness.Thank you for it was wonderful.Teresa
Shanta commented:
The best motto about life: "whatever is IS my best!" Be graceful (it attracts good luck!), after all you live because of her,
Sun Chaser commented:
There are few things as lastingly painful as family break up. I know that pain. Thanks for sharing these real feelings.


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