Catching Feelings

poem by: Ladarius Brown
Written on Jun 24, 2013

I have a thing for you, and I don't know what to do. All I do is think about you and how you make me feel brand new. I love you so much and what I want to say is: I'm catching feelings for you girl; I want to hold you tight and make you my world. I'm just saying I can do better. Tell me that you love me baby. I'm just saying we can be together. I'll show you baby, only if you let me. Sitting here on my bed; all these love songs in my fucking head. Thinking about you every day and night; making me feel so right. I know that we're far apart, but before I go I want to say; I'm in love with you and it hurts so bad; if I tell you how I feel, I might get sad. I'm just saying I'm going to miss you baby. I hope that you heard me lady. I hope you feel the same way baby; if not, then that's okay. Forgive me for catching feelings; I know you're moving out of town towards the Cali district. It feels so unrealistic, but I love your girl and I hope you feel it too. I Love You...


Tags: love, deep,

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Antionette Barnes commented:
its good
Trevor Cartwright commented:
Ladarius, I really like your writing. This poem was a tad more ambiguous though. Does this girl know you like her? Are you afraid to tell her?
Royce B commented:
I know what it's like falling for someone that's out of reach. It didn't work out. Hope things go better for You man. Thank You for sharing this.
Robert Kohlhammer commented:
Nice title and I like the way the title is inserted into the third from bottom line.


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