Mind Over Matter (Explicit)

poem by: Ladarius Brown
Written on Jun 23, 2013

Heavy emotions on my chest from all this extra stress; from the disrespect that I'm getting to thinking about having sex. I'm screaming fuck the world for all my twisted demons; don't be shocked because when I say it, I mean it. Growing up, I respected everyone I met; now I'm sitting back, wondering if that was something I'll regret. They talking shit, acting like I don't exist, but my old habits will return even if I try to resist. My violence is rising, like the Iron Giant; only thing that's on my mind is starting a riot. I'm a gentle giant with a chip on its shoulders; if I can't get any peace, then my life is over. If I close my eyes and forget it, then I could be myself; they want to know my problem, but they ain't looking for help. My mind is so conflicted that my life is an afterthought; I hope God can save me before the devil makes me set it off.


Tags: anger, deep, pain,

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Trevor Cartwright commented:
Ladarius, I really hope that you can find peace. The devil messes with me too sometimes. He has come to steal, kill, and destroy. But God is omnipotent. Trust in God. He will always come through, even when our futures look dismal.


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