Standing In A Meadow

poem by: Rachel Cartwright
Written on Feb 21, 2016

Standing in a meadow
A peaceful place to be
No one is here right now
Except for you and me

Painted lavender skies
The dusk is full of flowers
A field of dark green grass
I could sit out here for hours

I can see the sun setting
Above the distant trees
Your presence overwhelms me
And brings me to my knees

There’s a stillness to it all
Though the wind still is blowing
I can feel you all around me
As if me you were holding

I feel like singing to you
And dancing in your glory
You make me feel as I
Could fly like birds so freely

This is the moment
The moment of a lifetime
God you shine your glory
And amaze me every time

Every thing's so peaceful
As if it were a dream
The skies, the birds, the breeze
You made it all so gleam

Surrounded by your presence
Things as perfect as can be
Just my precious Lord and me
And this scenery...

Written March 14th, 2005
© Rachel D. Cartwright


Tags: happy, rhyme, faith, inspirational, imagery,

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Joshua Henry commented:
Very relaxing!
Rachel Cartwright commented:
Tony Anderson commented:
Great write
Rachel Cartwright commented:

Geoffrey Brewer commented:
It's goood to read a positive well constructed poem with rhyme, rhythm and beautiful imagery that I can understand.
Christopher Russon commented:
lovely poem.Sounds like heaven on earth Rachel
Edward shields commented:
Makes me think of camping.


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