poem by: Rachel Cartwright
Written on Feb 12, 2016

Forget your problems
Forget your despair
Forget all the times when
Life seems so unfair

Forget your past
Forget your failures
Forget all the sadness
When life brings you to tears

Forget your worries
Forget about  your stress
Forget when life reminds you
Of all of your regrets

Forget about depression
Forget your broken heart
Forget about the anxiety
That tears you’re life apart

Forget of tainted love
Forget your broken dreams
Forget the big confusion
That tears your life at seams

But don’t forget, that you do have a purpose
Despite what all may go on
A gift to choose, to live, to love
And a reason to keep moving on

And don’t forget when life brings you down
That you can get back up
Just put your trust in the One True Friend (God)
The One who can stitch you up

You may not see your purpose now
But doesn’t mean that it’s not there
Maybe you just can’t see it
Cause you’re always focused on your despair

Just fix your eyes on your creator
The one who set the Heavens into place
Keep trusting in Him, don’t give up
And everything will fall into place

And don’t forget, whenever life gets you down
The deadly clouds you look beyond
The clouds may hide the stars for now
Yet the stars are still shining on

Written May 2nd, 2006
© Rachel D. Cartwright


Tags: faith, inspirational, deep, encouraging, hope,

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Christopher Russon commented:
I really love this poem Written well with true meaning.
marcus blessed sims commented:
I love it well said and put togather


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