Suburban Life

poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on Jan 25, 2016

Those suburbanites and their tranquil lives
They are the ones who will never lance out at the infinite
 space of insanities
Insecurely too attached to their material securities:
  two cars or more
  two or more television plasma sets
  their washers & dryers
  their automatic dishwashers
  their computers, tablets and electronics
  their jacuzzi tubs and microwave ovens    
  their kept-up verdurous lawns
  their upper income brackets and venal politics
  their educated methods of rearing children
  their uninvaded neighborhood;
   uninvaded by roaches, rats and thieves
  their three daily meals
  their monogynous relationships
  (So they present)
  their futile aspirations
  their et ceteras et ceteras

Far into the future
 their bones and lifestyle
  will be studied by archaeologist
   who will proclaim them the backbone
    of a cultured intelligent species. 
     Yet curiously, they are not the ones
      who wrote about the history or the poetry.



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Christopher Russon commented:
Well written poem with depth. I would like to write deep like this. Thanks again for your comments on my poems


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