Freedom Fighter

poem by: Ladarius Brown
Written on Jun 11, 2013

There is a hero in all of us that can make the world brighter; the hero inside me is named the freedom fighter.

He doesn't need a super power ar some tight spandex; the true power that he has is inspiring intellect.

He walks these streets bringing peace althrough the violence; he has no friends and he isn't part of an alliance.

Let freedom ring is what he sings on a daily basis; he's trying to preach to the youth to get an education.

He has the teachings from the books and the streets; all he's trying to do is make it on his own two feet.

A hero is needed in this corrupted world; he's the only hope from this planet going towards a downward swirl.

We all have our weakness that attacks our mind; love is his weakness and it can lead him blind.

He is a loner in this world with nobody to hold; he is convinced that he will be alone once he grows old.

But, his will to fight is what keeps him going; the positive vibes from all of this keeps him flowing.

A hero lives in us all; if he has to do it, he would take the greatest fall.

Ladarius Brown


Tags: inspirational, encouraging,


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