I Am Told

poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on Jan 12, 2016

  (I am told) To reach the edge of Death is
        to loose memory
	to contact amnesia at any age
	to forget colors hues shapes and forms
	to become stoic to emotion
	to sleep with the dream of never waking
	to realize that everyone and no-one has reason
	to blind yourself so as to think clearly
		live within vague and luminous shapes that are not yet black
		see faceless friends and headless enemies
                read books without words and empty letters dictated in death		        reach the crossroads that lead to secret corners of no-wheres
		forget about mirrors and reflections
                    of who you are and were	
This is the entrance to dying (I am told) 



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Ari J commented:
I like this


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