Crucified (Ode to Faith)

poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on Dec 31, 2015

Man’s greatest hour was sacrificial and hallowed
At that precise moment –
The sky melted as angel’s in heaven cried
Tears came down
As thunder, lightning and torrential rain
To saturate Jerusalem
The four winds blew tumultuously 
As an anguished voice screamed out –
-	“Why am I forsaken?”   -
Everyone has scattered for shelter
Only a mother and a disciple stood alone
She moans with tears and confusion
Not questioning her son’s suffering
Accepting his pain and her own
    -    “Woman behold your Son”   - 
    -    “Behold your Mother”   -
And as he gave up his spirit
There at that precise moment -
She became my Mother
He became my Savior




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