The Missing Room

poem by: Ladarius Brown
Written on Jun 06, 2013

Viewing these blueprints of my home like Rosetta Stone, but what I notice on this paper feels kind of wrong.

A missing room is in my home and I never knew it; sitting by the garden just feeling so clueless.

I enter my home looking for this room, when all of the sudden I hear a loud boom!

I fall in this hole which leads me to this mysterious place; looking around with a suprise look on my face.

Spider webs and dust cover these ancient things; the only sound I hear in this room is a distant ring.

I see a mirror, but I don't see me.

All I hear is a voice telling me to set it free.

I try to find an exit from this enigma, but there is no hope; I feel as if my life is hanging on a broken rope.

The voice gets louder and that music note turns sour; I've been stuck in this room about an hour.

As it come towards me, all I do is scream; the voice tells me to wake up from my dreams.

I open my eyes and I'm back at the garden where I started; I look at the paper and the room has departed.

Ladarius Brown


Tags: weird,

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Karen MacEanruig commented:
Excellent use of words to convey mood and imagery. Karen maceanruig
Trevor Cartwright commented:
Wow, that was a cool story. It was creepy and mysterious. I felt like you used 1 ounce of Hardy Boys, 5 ounces of twilight zone, and 10 pounds of originality! I enjoyed.


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