ode, to my ol layday.

poem by: Raychill Ellisonwonderland
Written on Dec 10, 2015

A mothers work is never done, it comes with heartache, pain, joy and fun. 

But if your mum is much like mine, she'll keep loving, till the end of time. 

She'll teach you wise, and crazy schemes yet prop you up to reach your dreams. 

She'll tell stink jokes and swear they're funny and help you out when you need some money.

She'll pick and choose which child is best, then change her mind at their behest. 

She'll not take sides but back you up, staunch and true, when life's unstuck.

So Kathryn Dawn, with much much love, this be my ode, to you my ol layday.


Tags: happy, humor,

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Christopher Russon commented:
This is a really fun good poem Well written.


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