Walk'en 'Round Too

poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on Oct 05, 2015

Walk’en ‘round on Sunday morn down Michigan street
Spy’en neighbors cooly strud’en in the morning heat
Wear’en their church go’en primp’en best
Try’en to out out-dress the rest
There’s LC shin’en in his black vested three piece suit
And ole’ TJ in his brown double breasted knits to boot
Mr. Moe is look’en sharp in his navy blue pen-striped duds
No sir’ee, ‘round this street there ain’t no fuds
And I’s happly walk’en ‘round invisibly
Not think’en of salvation nor my spirtuality
Look, there’s hip sway’en  Mrs. Tanner  in her two piece dress
Hold’en down her purple large rim floral derby hat ready to impress
And fine Dequweta show’en off her body so bodaciously
Wear’en  her polka-dotted blazer ‘n her tight fit pullover leopard print audaciously    
Done past First Love Baptist church just back the street
Com’en toward Emmanuel church along my beat
Yes Lawd ‘n everybodys sure is  look’en sweet
If Mr. Langston Hughes could see
He’d cry outloud - “Glory alleluia Lord their black ‘n beautiful like me!”



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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
A beautiful and affectionate word picture. I love the language style and imagery. Wonderful!


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