Beside the Still Waters

poem by: Timothy Nelson
Written on Oct 02, 2015

Beside the still waters
I looked in and saw my soul
I saw such visions of happiness
Oh, so many stories untold

I saw the moment that I was saved
Baptized and covered in white
I felt the spirit burn deep inside
As my Savior took up my fight

I saw the moment He dried my tears
And washed my sins away
He gently pushed me on my knees
And taught me how to pray

I remember feeling the touch of God
It felt like a gentle breeze
I had the feeling of floating on air
As He raised me from my knees

And there beside the waters
I looked in and saw my soul
I smiled while treasuring these precious moments
As I saw a new beginning unfold


Tags: happy, rhyme, faith, inspirational, encouraging,

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Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely words.Faith inspiring.


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