My God Can

poem by: Timothy Nelson
Written on Oct 02, 2015

Where does the mighty whirlwind sleep
until it is let out to play
and where does the moonlit skies retreat
in favor of the day?

Who controls the rising sun
that makes the flowers grow
and covers the world with falling rain
that can mix with sleet and snow?

Who can hang the clouds up high
while letting the eagles soar
gives the sounds to whippoorwills
and let the lioness roar?

Who can breathe the life in man
then let this world begin
and come down from His holy place
to suffer for our sins?

Who can give you a second chance
because He understands
that man was born and is of flesh
I know that my God can!


Tags: love, rhyme, faith, encouraging, hope,

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ryan barger commented:
Reminds me of God's response to Job's complaints and also the final situation.


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