Love's Beginning

poem by: Timothy Nelson
Written on Oct 02, 2015

I remember my first date so clear,
a moment shared and everything dear.
A moment covered with soulful bliss,
the touch of a hand, our first kiss.

Everything around us was placed so right
and even the stars aligned, they were oh so bright.
The air performed with smells so sweet
and the roses threw their petals at her feet.

The parakeets sung their favorite song
while the male canaries hummed along.
The violins added their musical strings
and suddenly the waiters began to sing.

The joy and happiness welled up in her eyes
and the next thing to happen was such a surprise.
For I journeyed myself to just one knee
and I asked my true love to marry me.

Her answer was yes and my heart just raced
and I know I had happiness all over my face.
For my life was beginning as I found my fate,
my true love was found on my first date.


Tags: happy, love, rhyme,


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