Wake Up Church and Pray

poem by: Timothy Nelson
Written on Oct 02, 2015

Every Sunday you walk through that door
With smiles and ogled eyes and much, much more
While all around the world outside
That evil lurks, a sneer with pride

The Preacher preach and you nod your head
Yet never hearing a word he said
Too busy checking out your neighbor's clothes
Or thinking about that new car they drove

You better wake up church and pay close attention
We have problems, oh, did I fail to mention
Young people are being swept away
You better wake up church and pray

Kids selling drugs and playing with guns
No playgrounds built where they can have fun
Babies having babies, where the mothers, I can't tell
Where are the daddies, are they all in jail

Children not allowed to pray in school
Yet they're still expected to know the "Golden Rule"
School systems teaching inferior knowledge
And you wonder why some kids can't get into college

Hard working people earning minimum wage
Domestic violence rising, why all the rage
People lying in the streets and you wonder why
Homeless and lost without their piece of the pie

You better wake up church and show some unity
And acknowledge the problems in your community
Things not getting better, they're getting worse everyday
You need to take heed church and wake up and pray

Wake up church and hear the Preacher shout
And pay close attention to what he's yelling about
Wake up church before it's too late
And the world falls prey to the ultimate fate


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Edward shields commented:
Are you a preacher?


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