Reflection of My Mind

poem by: Timothy Nelson
Written on Oct 02, 2015

I sit here in a state of meditation,
wondering and pondering with contemplation
on what my level of excitement should be
as I'm looking in the mirror
and seeing a reflection of me?

I'm looking at it as it looks back at me
and it has me wondering...
am I acting rationally?
Because the face that I see is exposing my soul
yet on this side I'm not feeling whole.

Is this because I'm not sure I'm saved?
Is this the way I should behave?
Am I saved because I believe?
Should my mind believe what it sees?
And is this transference a true reflection of me?

I'll give my reflection the consideration
that what I see is the operation
of something magnificent,
something so kind; the Holy Spirit?
Or a reflection of my mind?


Tags: rhyme, faith, deep, confused,

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Edward shields commented:
Why is there more proof, aliens exist than god?


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