Stir Up My Soul

poem by: Timothy Nelson
Written on Oct 02, 2015

Take me Lord and stir up my soul,
clean out my insides and make me whole.
Wash away the sin from my hidden place
so glory can shine all over my face.

Make me over so it;s you that I please,
let me start praising you Lord on bending knees.
Rip open my spirit and take out my pride
and take away those secrets that I wanted to hide.

Make me so clean that before you I can stand
and have the countenance of a brand new man.
Throw out all that's inside of me gory
so I can stand before the altar and feel your glory.

I want to be made over and have a new look
so my name will be called from the "Lamb's Book."
And I stand before you clean from the inside out
with my heart beating, my limbs trembling as my soul begins to


Tags: love, rhyme, faith, inspirational, hope,

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Quiana Beco commented:
Nice, God speaks to and through you. My brother
Edward shields commented:
To preachy


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