poem by: Jo Ortix
Written on May 16, 2013

On a cold winter night a young girl sits by her window still counting on how many of her night stars have ignored her unspoken wishes dance across the darken sky
And as she continues to stare out this lonely window
She begins to cry for in her heart she knows that she has been left all alone in the cold world without no one to protect her from all the pain and fear that flows blindly across her soul less mind
And though she dreams night after night that one day she’ll find all the happiness that she let slowly fade away from her heart so many years ago
She somehow knows that down deep inside this shall never to so she lets out a lonely sigh and whispers to the cold wind that embraces her
As I lay myself to sleep I leave my soul behind in search of a place in where it hasn’t been forsaken by those who will never understand what’s its like to live and breath and still be dead inside
In where my heart hasn’t been blacken by those who have tired to hurt me with the promises of their lies
In where my innocence hasn’t been raped by childish memories it wishes it didn’t have
In where my faith hasn’t been disillusion by the words that heaven’s kingdom wants it to believe
But until then its just best that I just turn in and kiss this lonely night a final kiss good night
Copyright © belongs to Jackie 2000


Tags: sad, love, wishful,

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Rene Hernandez commented:
Sad but honest..Many girls can relate, I know I can


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