poem by: Jo Ortix
Written on May 16, 2013

As a old and tired soul lays dying on the streets
The innocence of its inner child will be reborn into this old dying heart it closes its eyes and screams within itself

Please forgive me for I never meant to do the things I did
And as it watches this child’s begin born he looks up to the golden sky above and yells

Lord please save my inner child for every day this young child’s life will be a struggle within herself to live or die
And as this inner child searches for time on a clock with no hands
She’ll learn that the future belongs to those who believes in the density of their own dreams

For as time flies the greatest lesson she’ll learn about life is that death is not the biggest lost its what dies inside of us while we’re still alive
For as this child grows older she’ll wonder why life is nothing more but a run away train riding on the ripping wounds of ones soul
And as I fly through my years of madness I can forgive but I can’t forget that I’ve felt to sad and lonely to many times just waiting for the light of my guardian angel to bless me

For if her love can show me another way to be then I’d give it every thing I’ve got to live for the promises of tomorrow and stop drowning in the sins of todays
And as the soul of this dying soul slowly begins to fade away it draws its last breath and smiles

Finally I’m coming home
For I’m finally free to live another day


Tags: love, faith, metaphor,

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Tony Anderson commented:
Awesome, Awesome write
Anna Tate commented:
Great words x
A previous user commented:
Great words x


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