poem by: Jo Ortix
Written on May 16, 2013

High above the roaring golden shore a young child stands on top of a rocky cliff looking down and just as she was bout to leap into the icy waters of a welcoming twist of blind faith she looks up to the heavens one last time and says
I might be blind but I can see that you never gave a damn bout me
For deep within that tainted twisted black heart of yours I’m nothing more but a throw away puppet whose heart strings have made your hand bleed
And now as I stand here ready to leap into the icy waters of heaven and hell I can feel your silent tears fall upon me like little creatures of the night laughing at my pain
So please I beg you don’t stand there and say that you understand how I feel way deep inside you never did before

For to you to say that you some day will would be more then laughable
Don’t suddenly start acting like you care when we both know that when i look into your eyes it’s the sight f me that we both can’t stand
Don’t say how much you love me for you don’t even know the meaning of the word
Don’t try to comprehend my feelings cause that would be just a waste of your precious time

For you don’t know nothing about me you never even tried
And I’m so sick of you keep acting like I owe you some speck of ever lasting emotions I’m telling you now that I’m moving on and picking up the pieces of what’s left of my shattered heart and throwing away the rest of your un needed love

So you see my love
What’s done is done

For I never been the person that you thought I was
The very thought of you only sickens me and its pretty phatic how easily you were fooled into believing that you were beating me in my own game

For in the morning I’ll be soon gone leaving you alone to remember that I’m every thing that you could never be
Remembering all the times you choice not to believe in me
There’s nothing left to prove except to pay the price of an self infected love that we both created
A love that we once believe would last forever
And now as I take our love and leap into the icy waters of hell
I’ll give it one final kiss and watch it slowly fade away


Tags: sad, love, depressing,


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