poem by: Jo Ortix
Written on May 16, 2013


Since the beginning of time its well known that without life there’s no death and without death there’s no life
And now as I fly through the many shadows of life and death
Death and life I know that my so called life was nothing but a perfect little dream filled with pictures of perfect little lies

For if you’d into these blacken eyes of mines you’d see a sick soul that has forgotten how it feels not to have her heart slip away and drown in a sea of spoken lies
A soul who is so tired of waking up each morning to look in the mirror but instead of seeing her reflection all she sees is pieces of what she believed in smashed up what’s left of her sanity

For I know its all slipping away from me but what the hell
Why should it come as any surprise
That just when every thing was starting to make sense just when I was feeling that instead of giving in to it
I’d be strong enough to wash away all the pain away
You came along and took all the trust that I was more then willing to give
All the love that I’ve been dying to receive and give
You came along and helped betray it all way

But please don’t get me wrong and think that I’m using you to blame
For I’m way pass that since you made it obvious to me that to blame you is nothing more then something that you cover up with your version of what you believe the truth is and throw the rest of what you refuse to hear nor see back for me to believe
So how can I blame you

For if you really thought about it you’d see that I should be thanking you

For if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be sitting here right now trying to forget all the things that you now chose not to remember
Trying to forget how you extended your hand out to this lonely and naïve soul and led her to believe that you truly cared
That you truly understood what its like to suffer inside a breathing dead body heart and soul

And may be you were never real in the first place
May be you were just a figment of last hope that only lived inside my head
Who was so impressed with all the corrupted mislead things that you feed it

For I still can remember the day we first met when we were both the same and I ask my self
Where did that day go
What did I do that was bad that I’m the only to blame
Did that day even mean any thing to you

Did I
Well did i
No I guess not

Cause after today nothing will ever be the same for after today you’ll continue to live your happy life
Not caring of how after today I’ll continue drowning in all the tears you’ve made me shed
You’ll continue living your life with all the new things you now have created inside your head
Not caring that this will be the last you’ll see or hear of me
For after today as you continue to live your new life
Mines will soon be for ever destroyed and gone


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