poem by: Jo Ortix
Written on May 16, 2013

A thousand miles away from nowhere a man stands by the edge of a cliff staring down as the roaring waves crash along the rocky shores
He shuts his eyes and begins to cry

I’ve waited for so long for you to come and rescue me from all of my unforgivable sins but I feel that my pleas have fallen on deaf ears

For its been such a long time since I’ve felt your presence so before I leap from this cliff and into the depth of my watery hell I ask only one thing from you

Why have you abounded me
Could it be that the thought of me entering your heavenly kingdom makes you laugh
What have I done that was so wrong
Could it be that when you see my life all you see is the person that you wish me to be and not the person that my soul allows for me to be

Why is it that I can’t be forgiven
Could it be that you’ve betrayed me just as I’ve betrayed you

Why don’t you answer me
Could it be that the flames of my heart hatred has made my soul every thing that you love to hate
Still he hears or feels nothing from above
No strike of lighting or guardian angel to show him the way

He opens his eyes and begins to laugh as he shouts to the heavens
Some savior you are!

For here I am your lost and forgotten child wanting to believe
Ready to unlock all those glorious secrets that you want us to embrace

But the joke is on you for yes for me not believing in you my soul will be destroy forever
But yours will be destroyed over n over again knowing that inside my heart there’s some thing that not even you could ever kill knowing that inside that I’ve finally become free from all your written lies
And as the cold winds start to blow a big smile spread across this man’s face as he jumped off the cliff and into the cold and everlasting depths of hell


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Peter Duggan commented:
Great write, filled with feelings and passion. This is what religion does to one. God is a fiction of the authorities to breed fear into us. Once you have faced your death without fear, why do you need a so called compassionate God. I enjoyed your write. but I suggest you get back into life and find the joy that iss within you....peter


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