poem by: Jo Ortix
Written on May 16, 2013

Once upon a time in a land far beyond the reach of God’s golden sky the demons of my soul are cluttering around this cold and dark room anxiously waiting to see on which road this lost soul of mines will take its last ride on
For am I truly alive or perfectly dead I wonder night after night as I sit here on this cold harden floor just staring at the walls of heavens and hell as they cry out to me
Choose wisely my little one
For one these roads
will free you from all your burdens and grant you eternal life far, far away from this forsaken place
While the other will simple just adore you as your soul gently burns away
For could this be my unholy fate to stay locked up in this darken room forever without never knowing the reason why
Why this old soul of mines must remain shackled to this room even though it cries out to you
Please release me for my heart is just bout to explode from all the years of ever lasting pain
But I guess my pleas for mercy have fallen on deaf ears since I can’t even remember the last time I’ve heard from you last
Oh well I might as well just turn in for a final good night
Oh but wait
Who is this I see floating through my walls of torment and delight
Who is this ghostly figure who dares to enter my darken room filling it with some kind of holy light
Is that you God
Is it your better half
Shall I kneel before you and beg you for forgiveness
Shall I kneel and beg you to just put an end to my poetic life
To be honest with you at this point I don’t even care either way all I pray for is that I can fight all of my fears and still be able to worship you with all of my might
Maybe there’s really no figure standing before me
Maybe this is just a figment of my imagination and he’ll just disappear with a blink of an eye
But instead of vanishing this mysterious stranger suddenly reached out his hand towards me and spoke in gently manner
He said
Give me your hand come and stand besides me don’t be afraid for I’ve come from the promise land to take you far away from this darken and twisted room
And as I went to take this stranger’s hand so I could finally become free from this dark and dreadful place that I’ve been living in for so long
My eyes sudden widen full of fear as the light that was once blinding me suddenly burst into flames
The stranger shouted in an evil laugh and stop trying to fight me child
For I promise if you just hold your wrist still my kiss of death will not last
I yelled with all my might I changed my mind I don’t want to die
I refuse to die this way
And just as I thought that this evil and mysterious stranger would over power me and end my life
A calm and smoothen voice came out of nowhere and entered my mind it whispered
Its okay now darling for you’re safe and warm just open your eyes and greet the early morning light
Wait what?
This was only a dream!
No it couldn’t have it felt to real!
Could it?
Oh well
Might as well turn over for its way to early for this young poet to greet any kind of light
And as I rolled over to fall back into this tunnel of darkness I’m greeted with a familiar laughter
Oh no!
Not this again!
I cried to myself while slicing the blade deeper into my flesh praying this will block out this evil laugh that has grown louder and louder with every slice I make but this is not working for some where in my hearts of hearts I know that there won’t be no escaping from this nightmare
No not this time
For I’m finally awake now watching as the blood flows freely out of my open veins and down my arm
As my blood spills onto the floor this evil laugh continues to echo through the walls of my beautiful darken room I slowly close my eyes one final time and smile
For never again will I ever leave this darken room and greet any of heaven’s golden light


Tags: sad, pain, dark, fear,


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