Our pledge

poem by: Elizabeth J White
Written on Apr 29, 2015

I remember the time, we all remember the day, we saw it on the news
those videos played and Played.

Like something from a movie, no way it could be real, but it was that day
and for all of us now , a mighty big deal.

Two land marks,  became targets, two planes drove in, in my mind
I hear the screams, I see the fear, all the things of back then.

Miles and miles away, SC to New York seemed worlds apart
But I felt their sorrow and their loss, I felt the bond within my heart.

I think I have cried a million tears since then, the day terrorists made the land marks
their targets and drove those planes on in.

It was a tragedy, and still is today, but something came from that disaster
its in us, and it lives after.

We since that time, we put up our flags red , white and blue
we took our America back, the land for me and for you.

It seems that on that day all hearts and minds came to unite us all
Through the flames and the names,,,,,,,,,,America Did not fall

I saw flag flying on cars and front porches, old glory lit up our country like deviant torches.

A great reaching out, pulling their children in warm embraces, feeling so good to see , sweet
familiar faces.

All of those lives , mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles, cousins , daughters, sisters, brothers and son
will never be forgotten, I feel their spirits everyone.

Oh I remember the day America Sat on The Edge , made a promise never again
became our Solemn Pledge


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Tony Anderson commented:
Great write
Ann Sdono commented:
Well written
Josephina DeGraeve commented:
Well written and strong.


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