around me

poem by: Elizabeth J White
Written on Apr 29, 2015

The sun has peeked in on me and told me it is time to rise
one last wink I try to get, I yawn , stretch , then open my eyes.

I open up the curtain and am welcomed by a new day dust seems
to dance from the window seal of the wing of the suns ray.

I go and make my coffee the aroma feels the place, I begin
to be more clear go brush my teeth and wash my face

I get dressed and go get the paper, I hear the sweet song birds sing
somewhere in the distance in the church tower fading in the sky, I hear the old
bell ring.

The blades of grass and leaves of the trees or wet by the morning dew
like me are awake now, they seem so green and new.

The sky is all around me today a blue green, the sun seems to be casting rays across
the ground without a sound that makes me stop and think
where it touches cross the water, it comes alive with colors of red purple and pink.

I smell the honey suckle, it makes this morning so complete added to the beauty around
me, so much grander with aroma so sweet.

I see to vibrant red cardinals flying down to take a bath and get some seeds
oh this beauty all around has been just what I need.

Every once in a while here comes another bird be still my heart, it is another bird colored blue
the blue jay , he's so smart

I'm watching him, he seems a little shy, I wonder what is in his head
he is easily scared away so unlike the reds.

Oh his beauty is so wonderful , in him I see many colors of blue 
I wonder what he would say if he could talk to me and you.

Then I see some little sparrows, oh her comes our little friend
he is our sweet little neighbor known as the Carolina Wren

Oh today I see great things around , and it inspires me with this new day
It seems to take the gloom and despair that filled yesterdays air
and push it all away.

So how can I be gloomy, for today is more than right
I think I will get in my car and drive to town
for today is the day, beauty is all around


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Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely poem.since I have retired from work I notice all forms of tree.s the birds.grass. I can relate to these words.


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