Every Now and Then

poem by: Elizabeth J White
Written on Apr 24, 2015

I'm take care of mom and dad, and try to keep things right.
I think I am considerate of others , always use my manners and try to be polite.

I run errands, for my sweet and darling white haired mother
and many things I help her with, oh , you know, I so love her.

I spend much time up and down the road, and in the laundry room
starting up another load.

I try to spend time with my kids and their problems I will heed
and if they want me to, I will help them with their needs.

Then there is my grand I love to hold that little hand.
and answer questions of life and help her understand.

Oh I love doing things for my family but their is a time
once in a while, a time for me, I need a friend
or a little alone time now and then.

Not being selfish or greedy or needy as such
just once in a while, some me time, I sure don't get that much.

Just once in a while, talk to a friend, someone whos supports me
with whom, I can depend

Just  a little conversation, so I don't break, some times I need some me time
for sometimes I feel life's more than I can take.

Maybe my me time is just being in my pajamas one day
or hanging out in my studio, while the world blurs away.

Maybe my me time, isn't just being away so rude, maybe it is a movie day with a friend and comfort food.

I will still long to be helpful, and caring, that's expected and will be
ah, but every now and then, I need some time for me.


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Christopher Russon commented:
You seem to give a lot of time to your parents and rightly so too Not every one is so caring.Your parent are well blessed You deserve me time well written poem.


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