All That

poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on Apr 23, 2015

                                                            All That
                                               (INCONTINENT BEHAVIOR)

- “There goes fine Laquisha with her bad self”
- “Yeah, she’s some doe brown-sugar”
The hommies jive talk loudly so that she can hear
	And she’s all believing it
She’s like - “say what?”
Stopping on the sidewalk in front of their dilapidated porch
Temptingly naïve she sways her tight hips walking toward them
Consumed in the passion of attentions
Her temerity assumes control of her youthful age
The homeboys become aroused by her response, rapping more jive
To make her feel more like a woman than the child she is 
	And she’s all believing it
They pass her a doobie that has been drawn
She doesn’t know how to say no
Taking a drag she inhales hypnotically 
Like relentless wolves upon prey
They cajole her into their crib
Disposed to their incontinent behavior 
For the first time ever she feels wanted
	And she’s all believing it 
Smooth talked out of her threads
Willing to take on their affections of boy lust
Her not yet sixteen year old cinnamon-colored body
Built to make any man want her forever
(  So the jive talk goes )
	Thinking shes’s all that
Til nine months later



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Frank byrne commented on Oct 17, 2017 at 6:06pm
Sad ....but good poem Q.......


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