Skin Is Only Skin Deep

poem by: Elizabeth J White
Written on Apr 22, 2015

To many or judging us by the color of our skin
so busy worrying about, what shows from without
they miss the beauty within.

If we went in a room with blind folds on, we would see
the way we were meant to.
We would see people for the core of who they are
and realize just who sent you.

So like ebony you may be as black as oil pools at night
and like a cotton field on a summers day I may be so very white.

But we are not different , the us beneath our skin
we are humans, who love and care, respect and share
loving souls deep within.

we are brothers and sisters on this earth so faced pace
we are together in our Journey, on this earth as part of the human race

All of us have blood that runs the same color red
let us be reminded of our journey just ahead.

Let us love one another, and see beyond our view, and maybe you can find a friend in one who 
don't judge you.


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Christopher Russon commented:
So very true.we are all the The same.I really like this poem.


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