Just Me

poem by: Elizabeth J White
Written on Apr 16, 2015

I am not someone , who sticks out in a crowd, I don't demand attention and talk
very loud

I don't wear much jewls , oh I am not into fancy things
I don't wear furs, or sparkling , diamond rings.

I am not someone, who uses their brains to make others seem small
but if I could I surely would use it, for compliments to make the little man
ten feet tall.

I do not live in a palace, that is so not me.
the perfect home in my minds eye, is a simple cabin
cute as can be.

I am not haughty, glamorous or vain, I am just me
must as simple as my name


Tags: wishful,

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selam mussie commented:
such a wise poem accepting u as u nothing mo' nothing less
pat hoban commented:
the reason creative souls are easy to believe because they are simple giants when it comes to morals.
ann parks commented:
what a lovely poem


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