Settling Down

poem by: Elizabeth J White
Written on Apr 16, 2015

 In a home where much is going on and not enough hours in the day
When Children slumber in dream land tired from their play

in a home that rings with rough housing little boys
tripping over little shoes and little toys

When their down for the night and you turn off the last light.
when their is time to soak in a hot bath by candle light

When their is some me time, to read a book, or write a while
settling down from the task of the day brings on a relaxing smile.

Even the house , seems to get it and chimes in little creaks in the old wood
this is a time for trembling walls to relax too and know that this is good.

I'ts called me time, when nobody is around, when the people and the
house for just the night, have settled down


Tags: wishful,

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pat hoban commented:
gives a reason find ones piece of mind with them wishful thoughts all are safe and to me i wish i had children.
Timothy Nelson commented:
Love it! I can see all of the descriptions, the children tripping over their shoes and toys , you constantly having to say "Boys, stop running" Great poem. Would love to bookmark but I don't see on this site where it lets you do it. Again, I love this poem. "Clarksdalepoet"
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Nice simple poem arousing an understanding and empathy for the life of another. Forgive me for donning my English teacher hat, but please sort out the difference between: 'there' 'their' and 'they're'.


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