poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on Apr 10, 2015


this nightly insomnia that defeats
it opens wide the eyelids to stare at walls 
over the day and why he cannot conquer
what he is afraid of?
it is the persistence of jinn demons
that have already presaged his nocturnal
		                                                                       of death in bed


Tags: dark,

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A previous user commented:
I can see the allusions you are portraying, but in my perception are faded...? What do you mean?
Q. Ramirez commented:
just having fun with words during a sleepless night. to the right are manners of sleep to the left are my reasons why i found it hard to sleep.
Christopher Russon commented:
I really like this poem. I find it hard to sleep and yet people I know fall to sleep as soon as the hit the pillow


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