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poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on Apr 02, 2015

Sometimes I search for myself within my room like a lost object
I discover only parts of me that I had discarded
Not picking them up because they may be pieces of myself that are no longer wanted
You know, those irretrievables 
Though I am not sure because in the nuance of the light 
Each part of myself looks the same from a distance
So I must be cautious not to pick up an unwanted piece 
Already I have picked up already I have picked up
The part of me that was repetitious, was repetitious
But I, but I let it drop, let it drop quickly
Quickly before I had to repeat too much
So you see how difficult it can be for me
I’m careful not to pick up the melancholy or morose part of me 
If I do I will begin to contemplate suicide 
Or will transform into a manic depressant that I am not
Also I don’t want to pick up the insecure side that I threw away sometime ago
It only opens up my bad habits and urges that will keep me fooling myself
You know, those irretrievables 
Ahh! Sh_ _ _! What is this ? Oh sh_ _ _! Son of a b_ _ _ _ _! Mo’ Fu_ _! Cabron hijo de tu chin_ _ _ _ madre! Sorry.
I just picked up an angry piece of myself but I let go of it pronto
I think I shall stop looking for myself for awhile or I may discover a piece of me that I have discarded and will be very hard to let go of again


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D'Vina Ramirez commented:
If this is it I love it ! Your really good.


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