The beauty of faith and believing----

poem by: Deborrah Ann Stenberg
Written on Feb 19, 2013

May each day of your life be filled with 
blessings.  Those to appreciate and honor.
May you always be surrounded with laughter 
and love. I do strongly believe there’s Guardian
Angels amongst us, so in that decision of feeling 
their presence, I pray that they offer you some 
comfort and guidance. The best for last, may you 
always remember how important you are, and be 
grateful for the reasons you’re most definitely 



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Trevor Cartwright commented:
Deborah, I agree with your poem. Angels are watching out for us. Also, we are valuable because we are loved by God. And when He's got your back, nothing in this world can faze you!
Peter Duggan commented:
Nice poem of wistful thinking, would you believe in Guardian angels if you were not told about them, or God for that matter. Sorry Can't help being a cynic. Good poem though


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